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Direct thermal labels

Self adhesive paper direct thermal labels are a combination of liner, adhesive layer and face material, made from various kinds of papers.
The production of a thermal paper begins with an uncoated base paper, which is transformed into a direct thermal paper with the application of a chemical coating. The first chemical layer, the under layer, prevents the heat generated by the thermal head from dissipating through the paper. This ensures better resolution when printing at low energy. The second chemical layer, the thermal layer, contains a dye and developer.  When exposed to the 2500C, emitted by the thermal head, the thermal layer melts, bringing the dye into contact with developer and forming the thermal image. The link between the two chemicals in the thermal layer is quite fragile and can be broken through exposure to oil, plasticizers or water, fading the printed image. Barrier coatings are added for protection.


Thermal Eco (0)

Direct thermal paper with high sensitivity, without barrier coating. Labels, produced from this paper have very limited resistance to thermal image scratching or smudging and low resistance to plasticizers, oil and water.
Printing speed: up to 300 mm/sec
Suitable for information labeling in dry, non-aggressive environments with low humidity. It is used for labels for electronic scales and other retail applications, where labels have a short shelf life.

Thermal Top (0)

Direct thermal paper with standard sensitivity, barrier-coated on both sides. Labels, produced from this paper, have very good resistance to thermal image scratching or smudging and also to plasticizers, oil and water.
The paper has a very good protection against chemical and mechanical impacts, high humidity and low temperatures.
Printing speed: up to 200 mm/sec

Suitable for labels with universal application, product labeling requiring good environmental resistance from the printed image in end-use areas such as food industry (for frozen products), retail, transport and logistics.
Pre-printable with all press methods including flexo (with water-based inks, solvent based inks and UV inks), letterpress and offset.



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