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Non adhesive labels

We are a manufacturer of a wide variety of non adhesive labels, which are used when self adhesive label application is not suitable. Different methods are used for attaching non adhesive labels to the product - shelf labels are placed in special plastic strips, cloth labels are attached with additional plastic tie, labels for flowers are constructed to be attached without additional device.
Non adhesive labels are produced mainly from cardboard and different types of plastics / foils. Non adhesive labels are used in textile industry, retail, gardening, forest and lumber industry, metallurgy, etc.


Cardboard tags (0)

Cardboard tags are produced  from direct thermal or thermal transfer cardboard, depending on the application and customer’s requirements.  Direct thermal cardboards can be Thermal Eco (without barrier coating), or Thermal Top (with additional barrier coating). According to the coating, thermal transfer cardboards are matt – suitable for thermal transfer printing, semi-gloss, or gloss - suitable for multi color  flexo printing.
Cardboard tags are available in different thickness (from 80 to 250 gr./m2), single or double-side printable.  For receiving a quality image, matt labels have to be printed with wax thermal transfer ribbon and labels with gloss coating – with wax-resin ribbon.
Cardboard tags, containing barcode and manufacturer’s details, are mainly used for marking products in retail trade: textiles, clothes, shoes, fruits and vegetables packed in nets, etc. They are suitable for making badges.
The attractively printed cardboard tags provide additional brand marketing.
Cardboard tags are also used for tickets and subscription cards. The permanent information (logo, address, phone, web site, etc) is pre-printed on the cardboard tags. The variable information, for example when selling tickets – production name, date, time, seat number, etc. – is printed directly when selling the ticket. Direct thermal label printer or thermal transfer label printer is used for this purpose.
Size, shape and perforation, as well as the colour flexo print are prepared according to the order. These tags are ready for the latter thermal transfer printing of barcodes, washing instructions, ingredient list, etc.  

Polyester tags (0)

Polyester / plastic tags are characterized with high resistance to  weather conditions  (rain, UV rays and temperature) and mechanical abrasion.  They provide automatic identification of the product during the consecutive production stages, transport and storage.
For receiving quality, durable and stable image, tags have to be printed with wax-resin or resin thermal transfer ribbon.

Polyester / plastic tags are suitable for metallurgical products, packed and wrapped in bundles (bars, pipes, grills and reinforcement grids); for marking containers housing small-sized components; for marking pallets and goods, stored outdoors (e.g. in construction and logistics).
Labels are also used in gardening for marking flowers, bushes and trees, in forest and lumber industry, and in meat processing factories..
Loop shaped tags are used in gardening, forestry and botanical gardens for marking flowers, bushes and threes and also for marking cables and cable bunches. 
The label, resistant to weather conditions and mechanical damage, provides legible identification of seedlings for many years.




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