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Textile labels

In accordance with textile industry regulations in force, textile products have to be marked precisely, ensuring product and production details. Labels must contain information such as washing instructions, care instructions, fiber content, size, etc.
Esthetically printed, sewn in textile, the textile label is not only an information carrier, but a decoration. In case products are not suitable for marking with sewn-in labels, self adhesive textile labels are the perfect solution. 
All required information is printed on the label very easy with the use of thermal transfer printer, connected to a personal computer.
This technology ensures high quality and resistance to washing, detergents and ironing.
We offer high quality taffeta and satin, ideal for various applications.


Taffeta (0)

A high quality nylon taffeta, coated on both sides. Both sides of the taffeta are suitable for thermal transfer printing, guaranteeing highest quality and durability. The fabric does not fray after cutting and is resistant to washing with detergents at temperature up to  950,  dry cleaning and ironing.
Nylon taffeta is a material, used for production of textile labels for clothes, containing  washing and ironing instructions, fabric composition,  manufacturer’s data, origin country, etc.
Labels, produced from taffeta are ideal for applications, requiring barcode, as the printout is with high quality and legibility.
We also offer taffeta, resistant to stone washing process, as well as a special nylon taffeta that fulfill the highest requirements of non-flammability for aviation and automotive industries, intended for lifetime marking of carpets, seats and seatbelts.

Satin (0)

Very delicate and soft satin material, ensuring high quality printout with thermal transfer printer – one sided or two sided, depending on the type. Satin is resistant to washing with detergents at temperatures up to  950,  dry cleaning and ironing.
According to the application, we offer satin that frays when cut and satin that does not fray when cut.  It is recommended to sew the satin in folded in half, if it does fray when cut.  
Satin labels are an esthetical decision  for marking elegant  textile products and luxury clothes and underwear.  Due to its delicateness and softness it is often used for clothes that have direct contact with skin.
We offer white and black satin material. According to client’s requirements, satin may fray, or not fray when cut.



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