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Label barcode printer CL-S700 is an industrial printer for direct thermal method and thermal transfer method, offering high performance printing at up to 10 inches per second on media up to 100 mm width. Its resolution is 200 dpi. It is suitable for large volume of printed labels.


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The thermal transfer barcode and label printer CL-S700 is an industrial printer for direct thermal method and thermal transfer method, offering high performance printing at up to 10 inches per second on media up to 100 mm width. Its resolution is 200 dpi.
It is suitable for large volume of printed labels.

Standard printer’s memory is 16Mb – this enables printing of labels with large volume of information. 

HIGH-QUALITY PRINTING – The printer can be used for high-speed printing thanks to its direct thermal method and thermal transfer method that use a line thermal print head together with its 32 bit RISC processor.

METAL HI-LIFT™ MECHANISM - The thermal head is built in a metal construction that guarantees the printer strength and long life. The Hi-Lift™ mechanism enables easy access to the thermal head for cleaning, replacement and loading media.  

HI-OPEN™ COVER – The printer’s cover is opened vertically, ensuring easy access to the mechanisms for adjustment and easy media loading. 

The printer is equipped with large graphic LCD display for clear indication of printer status and easy printer configuration.

ARCP-ACTIVE RIBBON CONTROL & POSITIONING keeps the ribbon tensioned during printing, ensuring:

•    Accurate print positioning in preliminary defined fields or near to edge of labels.
•    Elimination of ribbon wrinkle, thus avoiding stripes through text and barcodes that lead to time wasting and faulty barcodes.
•    Avoiding smearing, smudging and black marks.

THERMAL TRANSFER RIBBON – The maximum ribbon length is 450 m. The printer can print with ribbon types “ink in” or “ink out”, as it automatically identifies the winding direction and additional switching and adjustments are not necessary. .

ADJUSTABLE SENSOR – By adjusting the position of the sensor the printer can print on labels with different shapes and sizes. The sensor is detecting the gap between the labels or the black mark on the back.

DESIGNED FOR NARROW MEDIA – The adjustable sensor and the adjuster enable printing of labels with 12.5 mm width.

The printer is suitable for printing very small labels, even with 6 mm length.

LARGE INTERNAL PAPER ROLL – CL-S700 prints with internal roll 8-inch (200 mm) and core 1 inch / 25mm to 3 inch / 76 mm.

Thanks to its large memory CL-S700 can print labels with 96 inches (2438.40 mm) length

•    It is easy to change printer’s settings on the operational panel and the LCD display, on which printer status messages are displayed
•    Its high-lift print head and mechanism means that media and ribbon can be loaded with ease and it is constructed for easy thermal print head cleaning, etc.
•    Media width adjustment, media thickness adjustment and media sensor adjustment can all be made easily by the user, using the color-coded operator controls.
•    Highly visible color-coded adjustment mechanisms and head release levers make the operation easier.

STANDARD INTERFACES - A serial, parallel and USB 2.0. interfaces are standard equipment for the printer.    This guarantees connection to any computer system.

ADDITIONAL NETWORKING OPTIONS – Ethernet and Wireless LAN cards can be easily installed as an option even by the user. 

Auto Cutter - two types of auto cutters with high speed are offered as an option – standard (disc type) and heavy duty (rotary type) 
-    standard (disc type) -  suitable for self-adhesive labels and thinner cardboards
-    heavy duty (rotary type) – suitable for self-adhesive labels, cardboards with different thickness, tickets and textile labels.
Peeler – a new generation peeler with “label feed” sensor and two additional silicone rollers for better label release.
Cutter and peeler are easily installed without opening the main printer case.

EMULATION – This model supports both Datamax® and Zebra® emulations and automatically identifies the commands given.

The printer has a fully metal case and metal construction that guarantees strength and durability under heavy industrial conditions.

CL-S700 printer is suitable for working in heavy industrial conditions for printing of long series self-adhesive paper labels, self-adhesive foil labels, cardboard and textile labels. It is used in transport and logistic, food industry, textile industry, chemical industry, pharmaceutics electronics, automotive industry, etc.    

WARRANTY – CITIZEN barcode printers are covered by a two years warranty by the manufacturer, excluding print head. Print head warranty is:
•    50 Km or 6 months in thermal transfer mode
•    30 Km or 6 months in direct thermal mode.
Good maintenance and cleaning of the head extend its life.





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